ARES Information / from Gilchrist EC /Update Hurricane Michael

11am ADV #16

Hurricane Michael Cat 4 Storm with 145 mph sustained winds

29.4 N  86.0 W    60 mi S of Panama City

Traveling 15 degrees (NNE) at 14 mph  pressure 928 mb

Local conditions

Hurricane Warning remains for coastal Taylor and Dixie Counties

Tropical Storm Warnings for inland Taylor, Dixie, Levy, Lafayette

Tropical Storm Watches Columbia, Suwannee, Gilchrist Co.

Storm Surge  expected 6-8 feet Cedar Key and nearby coastal areas

There may be tornado development in feeder bands and thunderstorms that come through

Gilchrist EOC level 2 activation special needs shelter Bell High Sch

NFSEC ARRL Emergency Net at level 1 activation at 9:15 this morning on 3.950

Hurricane Watch Net active at 8:30 Wed am and run 'til storm passes

14.325 MHz USB (day)  7.268 MHz LSB (nite)

2 meter storm nets tonight 

Alachua Co 146.820 at 8pm

Gilchrist Co 147.285 at 8:30pm

next 2 meter briefing at 2:30pm on 147.285

several operators are monitoring this repeater

I am handling traffic for Gilchrist EOC (NF4EC)

If you have an emergency first try 911

John -KJ4YPZ