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Update on 146.700

     I have been is constant contact with Crown Castle about the fire.  I have assembled enough equipment to put it back on the air.  However I have been told that they may remove the tower.  That would pretty much put the repeater off the air for good.  I will start the search for another location, but due to the spacing it is grim at best.  Ill try to have another update at the November meeting.

Mike, KB4MS

146.700 Repeater

     Update on 146.700 Old Town Repeater.  Well you can see from the picture that the system less the antenna is a total loss. It was an intense fire as only the cabinet is recognizable.  I have contacted Crown Castle and asked it the cause was identified.  Also I saw somewhere the building was owned by ComCast, that isn't accurate it belongs to Crown Castle as well.  Bottom line is that I have most everything required for the repeater to be returned to the air. I am awaiting on the exterior cabinet answer which should come today. I'll try and keep updates posted as they become more clear.

Mike, KB4MS

Traders Net 5/06/17

Sorry I missed posting here for the April 26 traders net. Sometimes the days fly by faster than I realize. That week went fairly well with Mike kb4ms listing several items and John kj4ypz joining in with a few impromptu wants. That makes me feel as though I may be doing something right and needed.
The net on 5/3/17 didn't quite keep up with expectations, Mike kb4ms attempted to make contact however band conditions were not as good as the previous week as I barely caught his callsign but that was about all I could hear. His signal wouldn't even hold the repeater so he couldn't make any listings. I did read through the listings on the club website and he had put much of what he had listed the previous week so he did get at least some coverage. I will try again next week and maybe things will improve. Thanks to all who participate and keep trying.

Mike, KD4INH

Traders Net 4/19/17

       The Wednesday April 19 Traders net was another disappointment as I received no check ins. Once again I read through the items listed on the DARKLUB website and with no others on the frequency I closed the net. I hope you all know I am trying to stir up at least some traffic on our wonderful repeater however it has been very disappointing with my radio the only one active.
I will give it a few more weeks to see if there are any changes. I realize that getting people to remember something new on their schedule takes time,so I will continue for a time.
   I personally always enjoyed traders nets because I could find out much info even if I didn't buy or list, I hope I'm not alone in this. Till next week 73’s

Mike, KD4INH

Traders Net 4/05/17

     April 5th was the most recent edition of the Wednesday Evening DARKLUB Traders net. It was not encouraging as I received no contacts. I listed my "want" again and read through the items listed on the club webpage "for sale" page. I spent almost ten minutes trying to get anyone to come back to me but, was unsuccessful.

I have also been giving announcements about the net on the Thursday ARES Net, but still am not getting much traction.

I will continue to try to get this working, however, I will soon be going on a vacation and if no increase in activity by then I may have to give it up. If it does catch on before that I may need someone to take over in my absence.

Mike, KD4INH

Traders Net 3/29/17

Wednesday March 29, 2017 was the second DARKLUB Traders Net at 7 pm. Still pretty slim pickings however Mike kb4ms did get in by mobile, a little noisy but he was able to list four items. I reliisted that I am looking for a legal limit hf antenna tuner. No other stations were heard. I think it is amazing that Mike was able to hit the Chiefland repeater from his home in High Springs via mobile. Good job Mike.

I will try to continue the Traders Net on Wednesday's and hope that we will get more activity and also more use of the this wonderful repeater. Thank You

Mike, KD4INH

Trader Net

   Wednesday March 22 at 7PM was the first Traders Net held on the 147.390 repeater. We got off to a shakey start as only myself made a listing. However after the net was closed I received several calls. One was from a ham that I believe was in Cedar Key claiming my audio was almost too low to hear. Unfortunately I was unable to get back to him. Then Bob k8rag came on, he said he had nearly forgotten about the net. We both then made contact with Corey kn4bb from Old Town, he indicated he was a nearly new ham so Bob and I greeted him and welcomed him to the hobby. Somewhere in all that I heard a w4 call and when we finished with Corey, I attempted to call him back but was unsucessful. I thought I recognized the voice as being Richard w4sda, so Richard, if that was you I apologize and hope we can chat soon.

Hopefully next week we will see better results.

Thank You all!!!!

Mike, KD4INH

Traders Net

Hi everyone,

We had a great meeting last night at the church and welcomed two new members Faye and Hal to the group.  Also Mike Shaffer is going to start a traders net each Wednesday at 7pm.  Bring your stuff and give Mike a call on Wednesday.  Remember we have a for sale listing on our web site, submit your items there and mike will refer to them during the net. Lets make this a success and check in.

The 440 repeater is up and working pretty well.  We have coverage all the way into High Springs and Trenton, that is as far as I have gone around testing it. Give it a try and let me know what you think. We owe a huge thanks to Doug Baker of Baker Communications in Lake City for his above and beyond help in restoring the antenna to the transmission line.  Doug has been a faithful helper to the ham community.  Over 35 years ago Doug gave us tower space in Old Town for the 700 repeater.  He have never charged us anything at any time for his Help. Doug is a great friend to the ham community.

Hope you have a great month and we look forward to getting again at the next meeting.


Mike, KB4MS

Duties of President and Treasurer of the Klub

Dark Members,

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I have assumed the duties of President and Treasurer of the club.  I am sure that each of you have known that Dee had suffered a stroke and is is currently in rehab.  Her prognosis is not very promising for a full recovery.
We will continue to pray for Dee and Bob as he he now directs his full attention to taking care of Dee. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them to me.  Please let Bob know that he and Dee are in your prayers.

I want to again solicited each of you to again become involved with the klub. If there were to be an emergency I don't think that we could muster enough folks to man the repeaters. I sincerely hope that you will consider your community and the possibility that you could be needed to assist in an emergency. Or you may need that assistance in the future.

Hopefully we will never need to activate, but if we do we need everyone on deck.  From having a radio in the house to your mobile you could be the difference in a life or death situation.  You might even needed on a more national level, that is another area that we can support with members. I will gladly help anyone with anything that they may need, just let me know.

So consider this,if we continue to head in the direction we are going we will be shutting down the repeaters as there is no need for them.  We are very fortunate to have free space and maintenance for these three repeaters.  However, if no one is using the facilities then we need to move on.  Respectfully 

Mike, KB4MS

Antenna Party Planning

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that The antenna party is again coming to the head of the list. Mike KD4INH is spear heading this and needs your input.  If we put together the minds of our members we can answer most of the questions that we can come up with.  We want to cover as many areas of antennas that we can. If there is something you want to know, we want to cover it.  We have amassed quite a collection of information from baluns to ladder line to dipoles and everything in between. So get ready to share your experience with other and let us know what you think the get together should cover.  Thanks for your support.

Mike KB4MS